At Red Tree Surgery we love what we do, hedge maintenance, pruning and tree felling is why we get up in the morning!

We also love the environment though and will not recommend work unless it is genuinely of a benefit to you and the environment.

Red Tree Surgery Environmental Policy

Area Covered:
We cover the area within a 60 mile radius of Pudsey and Leeds. However we have done work further afield before and will happily consider any job on its own merits.

Services include:


Please call or Email with any queries or questions for a friendly chat about your requirements and to arrange an obligation free quote.

Telephone: 07854 132 379 / 07530 456 211


Tree Surgery:
Red Tree Surgery employees have all the training, expertise and skill required to tackle any aspect of tree surgery.
From the large scale removal of multiple trees to hedge pruning and other aesthetic improvements to your garden flora, and all carried out to the highest possible standard.

Tree felling and removal:
Felling a tree is what we all think of when asked how to remove a dangerous tree, however in most cases this is not a realistic option. Most trees in need of removal are in enclosed areas, adjacent to buildings or roads. In these cases we need to safely dismantle the tree one section at a time. These sections are safely lowered to the ground and taken away for recycling.

Crown Reduction:
Very similar to thinning, reduction means the removal of some of the trees crown whilst retaining the natural shape. This is not simply cutting the top of the tree off, an unacceptable and unskilled practice. Reduction can be an option for trees in a location of limited size without the necessity of removal.

Pruning, Hedge or Tree:
Some hedges and trees can grown fast and large and can soon become a real inconvenience or possible hazard. We tackle all types of pruning from aesthetic improvements to hedges and trees to canopy reduction, often making a trees removal unnecessary.

Crown Lifting:
Crown lifting refers to the removal of some of a trees lower branches. This can be for aesthetic reasons, to allow more light through the crown, or for access. For example near footpaths or roads.
There are legal requirements for visibility and access around roads often making Crown Lifting a necessity.

Crown Thinning:
This is a term meaning the removal of a trees secondary branches, in most cases unhealthy and crossing branches are removed. This can greatly improve the trees health and appearance.

Crown Cleaning:
This is a straightforward term meaning the removal of any dead or unhealthy branches within the trees crown. This improves the trees health appearance and life expectancy.